Welcome to NvDA Korea's English page

This page highlights NvDA for English speakers.

What is NVDA

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free, open-source screen reader for Microsoft Windows. This screen reader packs many features, including support for multiple interface languages, support for many synthesizers and braille displays, runs on recent versions of Windows and supports installation on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. NVDA also supports many popular programs such as Microsoft Office, Lotus Symphony, various web browsers and others.

NvDA English tutorials

Here is a list of English tutorials on NVDA:

Welcome to NVDA 2015 by Joseph Lee

This tutorial series is designed for new and current NVDA users and goes through everything from installation, configuration, usage to add-ons. Listen to What's new in 2015 edition on changes between previous and current editions of the tutorial series.

NvDA 2015 series (based on NvDA 2015.1):

NVDA 2015 tutorial addendum:

For people who wish to download the entire 2015 series can do so by clicking the below link:
NVDA Tutorial series in zip file

NVDA courses

NvDA Presentations

In addition to tutorials above, we have presentations done on NVDA, including:

Other works

Besides NVDA tutorials, this site is home to other tutorials an presentations, including Windows 10 series.

Windows 10 build progression:

Windows 10 concepts, universal apps and other notes:

NVDA Conferences

At least once a year, NVDA users and developers gather to talk about NVDA and its development. We call this NVDACon (after Python Conference, or PyCon for short). If you use NVDA, or is a programmer (both blind and sighted) interested about making programs accessible or want to learn more about NVDA, you're welcome to join NVDACon.

Check back later for future conference dates and location.>

Past NVDA Conferences

Archives of past conferences can be found on the NVDACon page.

Useful NVDA links

Here is a list of useful links for NvDA users and those interested in NVDA.

Testing latest features

For those who would like to test latest NVDA features, go to NVDA Snapshots page.

Apart from official snapshots, the author of this website maintains snapshots for the following features:

A few notes when using these snapshots:

  1. The build is equivalent to portable version of NvDA. Thus it may not work under UAC and secure screens.
  2. The snapshots does not support automatic nor manual updates - you need to download the installer when the new version is released. All the features in the snapshots are based on current NVDA/master branch unless specified.
  3. These snapshots are not the official snapshots from NV Access (except when specified. For official snapshots, see the link on NvDA snapshots.
  4. As noted, these snapshots are bleeding edge code/features, thus may break. Use them with care.
  5. If you have questions about these snapshots, please email joseph.lee22590@gmail.com (except for Microsoft Edge builds).