The NVDA users and developers conference (NVDACon)

Welcome to NVDACon website. This page provides an overview of NVDA user and developer conference (NVDACon), how to join us and past events.

What is NVDACon?

NVDACon, inspired by PyCon (Python Conference) is a venue to allow NVDA users and developers to discuss latest developments in NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), as well as learn more about various aspects of NVDA such as code development. This conference also provides a forum for users to meet and discuss suggestions, bug reports and so on about NVDA.

NvDACon began in 2014 when a number of users expressed an interest in hosting an audio chat for NVDA users. This led to the organization of the first NVDACon in March 2014 where current developments in NvDA and add-on development was discussed.

If you are a user of NVDA, an NVDA code contributor, add-on developer or simply interested in NVDA screen reader, you are welcome to join the conference.

Conference location and time

In 2014, NVDACon was held at NVDA Korea's TeamTalk server. NVDACon 2015.1 was held at a different location, and NVDACon 2015.2 was hosted on the NVDA Korea's TeamTalk server.

Due to time zone differences, event start time changes. Check the upcoming events section on future conferences. For instructions on how to join us, see the section below.

How to join us

TeamTalk is a program that you run on your Windows PC or smartphones (there is a Mac version available, but we have found that it does not work well with VoiceOver and so we do not recommend you use it). For PC version, follow these steps:

  1. Download the software (TeamTalk 5) from
  2. When you are installing the above program, you will come to a screen where you can choose which components you want. Tab to the list of components and arrow down until you find the "TeamTalk 5 classic" option. Press space, then enter. For best results with screen reading software, it is strongly recommended that you do this; the standard (non-classic) version is not very accessible.
  3. Once the setup process is complete, and you are in the TeamTalk application (start it up if it is not running already), follow the below procedure to connect to the server:
    • From within TeamTalk, press f2. Tab until you get to the "host properties" group, and simply erase any information that may be already in the edit fields. For the "entry name", type anything you want that will tell you what this server is (for example, "NVDACon"). For "host address", type Set TCP port to 10333 and UDP port to 10333 and skip everything else. Press enter on "join/update" and you should be all set.
    • Alternatively, if you have TeamTalk 5 installed, select this link to connect to the server directly (note that you'll need to change your name to something else by pressing F5).
    • You can also use TeamTalk for iOS (called iTeamTalk) or Android.
  4. Once you are logged on, you can join any of the available rooms (note that some may be password-protected). We first recommend doing an audio test (choose the option from the context menu) To join this or any room, just arrow to it and press control-j (to leave a room, arrow to it and press control-l). You can also hit the applications key, or shift-f10, on a room and choose the option you want.
  5. List of rooms:
  6. While in any room, you will see three slider controls after the list of channels (rooms and channels are the same thing), along with an edit field. The first edit field is for system and user messages. The second lets you chat by typing text and pressing enter. The first slider changes your microphone's sensitivity (gain), the second changes the volume of the room in general as you hear it, and the last slider controls voice activation threshold (tip from a podcaster using TeamTalk).

If you are using the JAWS for Windows screen reader or NvDA, there are now JAWS scripts and NvDA add-on available for use with TeamTalk. The link will take you to a website where you can download these free scripts. We do not offer support for the scripts, though; please refer to the above link for help instead.

So when is the next NVDACon?

Please check back when the next international conference dates and times are finalized.

For regional conferences, see regional conference websites:

Past NVDA Conferences

NVDACon International 2016/Tenth Anniversary Edition

On April 22, 23, 29 and 30, 2016, we held our international NVDACon for 2016. The archive for the sessions are below:

  • Sessions:
  • NVDACon 2016 complete archive
  • NVDACon 2015.2

    On November 14, 2015, we held our second NVDACon for 2015. This is the archive of all sessions in this conference.

    NvDACon 2015.1

    On March 14th and 21st, 2015, we held our first NVDACon for 2015. The archive for the sessions are below:

    NVDACon July 2014

    On July 12, 2014, we held our second NVDACon. This is the archive of all sessions in this conference.

    NVDACon March 2014

    On March 1, 2014, we held our first user organized NVDA User Conference. This is the archive of all sessions in this conference.

    We hope to see you at the next NVDACon!